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Lope Toward Home~

Taryn Simpson is on a mission:  to escape from her hurtful past in Spring Hill, TN and fade into the woodwork in a small Mississippi town. After enduring the mental and physical abuse of her ex-husband, Ray, she made her move abruptly, after realizing that he was safely locked away in prison only temporarily. With the help of her great friends, Leesa and Cal who own a farm in her hometown, Taryn headed down the back roads of the Mississippi Delta, with a place to stay and a job lined up thanks to Cal’s Ole’Miss fraternity brother. Taryn was on her way to settling in, when things started getting strange in her new home, Flower Mound, MS. Locals thought it might be raucous teens pulling nasty pranks; but in her heart, Taryn feared the worst. 

Lope Toward Home is a tale of a close-knit, horsy community, an outsider trying to heal and find a sense of belonging, and new, healthy relationships.  

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